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Complex Systems

CRMs, ERPs & B2B2C Products

Helping organizations become more efficient, avoid fatal mistakes and have a clear view of their business is what I love most about complex systems. 

Crafting automation processes and BI solutions that better the way organizations work is a challenge filled with endless opportunities. Every modification has a massive impact on the bottom line of the organization, on employees' effectiveness and satisfaction, as well as on its customers.


The key to success in these products, I believe, is gaining a thorough understanding of the needs and loopholes of the organizational processes at all levels (company, departments and roles). After assessing them, it is about finding a fine line between automating processes and allowing control over them, creating inherent monitoring mechanisms, designing environments and permissions, and designing relevant business intelligence mechanisms to support decision making processes.


Leaders_Desktop4devsense_ (1)_edited.jpg

Opinion-Leaders Campaign ​platform for PR companies

The Viral Opinion-Leaders Campaign Platform (for Alenby Concept House) is compiled of 3 platforms -

An app for the opinion leaders , a campaign-management platform for brands & a management system that is responsible for the communication between all the platforms and manages the whole operation, from campaign inception through monitoring to completion.  

Grocery e-Commerce Platform


An Automated Personalized Grocery Shopping Experience

The management system for this Supermarket (still confidential) allows the company to modify the algorithms responsible for the personalized user experience.

For example, they can promote brands, products etc and the platform will combine these parameters with users purchasing tendencies to promote the most suitable suggestion to the user. 


Nickname mobile1devsense_.jpg

A Comprehensive S0lution for a Customized-Gifts Business

Nickname is a company that provides personalized children-gifts. Customers can insert a child's name, preview it on the product or as a part of the story and order the gift. Behind this simple idea exists a complex operation that requires several external print companies, collaboration with brands, unique sales & deals, and to top that, several posting options. Everything in this system was tailor-made to create the most automated and monitored process possible. Each section has its own dashboard and reports with advanced filters for a thorough drill-down when necessary. ​​

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