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Product Research, Strategy & UX/UI

To me, a good product creates value to both users & companies through thoughtful & delightful experiences. This site is a sneak peek into my thoughts & experience. 

The scale of the businesses using the product and integration to existing solutions are a part of the complexities B2B products present.

CRMs, ERPs & B2B2C Products. Helping organizations become more efficient, avoid fatal errors and have a clear view of their business. 

In every product I aim to address the main challenges I believe B2C products present: Attraction, Conversion, Retention, Expansion. 



Throughout my career I had the privilege to work with customers from a variety of fields.

If you're looking for a custom-made solution for your company-


Travel, Marketing, Agriculture, Finance, Health, Law, Food, Real-Estate, Retail & Education are only some of the fields of products I had the pleasure of working on during my career so far. 

I enjoy the sets of challenges that each topic brings. By working closely with customers, users, developers and designers & by collecting and analyzing data, the essence and scope of the challenges become clearer. I believe that this is the basis for creating solutions that provide true value. 

In each section of this site (B2CB2B & Complex Systems) you will find my interpretation to some of the challenges I’ve encountered in each product group and my approach to dealing with them.

​Please note that most of the products that are displayed here are a result of a joint effort with clients, the studio and the development team (under my guidance).

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